Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction

Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction

THE FIRST 50 GIGS: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction is an audio and video podcast that will take you back to mid-1980’s Hollywood to experience the play-by-play origin story and rise of Guns N’ Roses on the Sunset Strip and the making of their seminal debut album.



The First 50 Gigs: Series Introduction

Oct. 16, 2021

Welcome to the series introduction of The First 50 Gigs: Guns N' Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction, a video podcast series that unearths one of the most comprehensive archives of rock n' roll history and puts …

About the Hosts

Jason PorathProfile Photo

Jason Porath

Executive Producer and Host

Jason is the author of Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction as well as Mugshots: A Celebration of the Journey from Ruin to Redemption. He’s won multiple achievement awards for his work and his writing has been translated into eight languages. Jason’s background with multimedia storytelling spans a wide array of mediums including documentary films, photojournalism, mobile apps and technology startups. With Reckless Road, Jason pioneered one of the first iOS storytelling apps to hit the app market.

Marc has entrusted Jason with his vast archive of photographs, recordings and stories to create entertaining and engaging products for generations of Guns N’ Roses fans around the world.

Marc CanterProfile Photo

Marc Canter

Photographer and Host

Marc Canter is the third-generation owner of the Canter’s Deli, a legendary landmark in Los Angeles that has served traditional deli fare to over five generations. Canter’s bar, The Kibitz Room, was a favorite hangout for musical acts since the 1960’s making this Sunset Strip adjacent venue a usual for after-hours shows by some of the biggest names in music.

Marc was always an avid rock n' roll fan, so it made sense that when his childhood best friend, Saul Hudson, picked up the guitar at 15 years old and demonstrated an otherworldly ability, Marc thought he should capture his friend’s progression. Little did he know that his best friend would become Slash and that he would go on to meticulously document the rise of Guns N’ Roses from 1985 to 1987, culminating in the release of their seminal album, Appetite for Destruction. Marc created one of the most compressive collections of rock n’ roll history ever assembled and is proud to share it with Guns N’ Roses fans with The First 50 Gigs.

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