[Preview] Episode #3: Welcome to the Jungle (Part 2) Ft. Domenic Priore

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We conclude our look back at the Jungle by picking up in 1964 during the counterculture riots that started when the city put curfews in place in an effort to shut down the venues and turn the Strip into a financial district.

Domenic Priore author of Riot on the Sunset Strip; Rock and Roll's Last Stand in Hollywood takes us from this defining moment through the late 1980s to understand and recognize that the success of Guns N’ Roses didn’t happen in a vacuum.

They were part of a continuum of artists and musicians starting in the early 1960s who came to Hollywood to take the stage, pursue the dream, change the world and reap the rewards like The Byrds, The Doors, Van Halen, and eventually GN’R.

Domenic provides an exhaustive account of the decades leading up to the Metal scene in the 1980s after the electrification of rock n’ roll revitalized the clubs and established Hollywood as the new center of rock n’ roll, shifting the cultural gravity from New York to Los Angeles.

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